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Sunday, September 14, 2008

first time call

last night,i was called with my bf,it was the 1st tym huhuh n it was very sad to tell,,it was not clear at all it made me felt down huhuhuh how i dun like..it was just maybe only for 15-20 mins huhuhu i controlled myseif from cried huhuhu but it was true it is very spoiled my interested..

just then he called me using his mother handphone =S it was so scary to us huhuh and it only take for 5 mins we talk..but its ok,,at least i heard his voice clearly heheh =D n i felt very happy..

i was awake from my slept..i was dream about him heheh and i straight away msg him hehe

ending of dis "CURHAT" is ILOVEYOU heeheh my lover