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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

im tagged (:

1.What are you most commonly known as?
-maii (:

2. What did you last do before filling this up?
-chatting,try to sleep,cek muash blog n cek my phone (:

3. Are you taken/single?
-im truly SINGLE (: hahah

4. People who are always there when you're bored?
-rifah,fazera n mannan (:

5. What are you?
-i am who i am (:

6. Tell me any part of the lyrics from what you're listening to?
-peluk lah diriku dan jgn kau lepas ku dari mu (:

7. Who do you hate most?
-hatee?? ermm can i just keep in heart? (:

8. Prefer black, blue or gold.
-black (:

9. What kind of music?
-not sure jua (:

10. Eva Longoria or Jessica Alba?
-actually na brapa jua dua2 ne..but i prefer jessica alba (:

11. Who are you thinking of right now?
-shen? n Dd? S:

12. Most people think that you are?
-talkative? (:

.13. How do you release anger?
-sing aloud or sleep (:

14. The cutest female teacher?
-tcr lela,tcr zatul,tcr susi (:

15. The cutest male teacher?
-CIK HAMZ,cik hard (:

16. Do you want to be friends with?
-with all the people who wanna be friends wif me (:

17. On ur last birthday, anyone gave you teddy?
nda x.. lupaa~ (:

18. What are you thinking about now?
-how to searching fo sum1 special (:

19. One thing that you hate about.
-moon come huhuh

20. Last person who fought with u?
-my lil sis (:

21. Last book u read?
-last exam apa uh? yata tuu (:

22. Favorite animal?
-cats ofcourse (:

23. Have u ever been heart broken?
-alwayss n alwayss (:

24. What do u feel like doing now?
-sleep but i can't (:

25. Who are u chatting with now?
-aku app. f9 (:

26. Who do u want to see now?
-yearr 11 'b' nxt year (:

27. The boy/girl u are in love with?
-mirul AF n cik hamz (:

28. 3 people you tag:
1. Fazera
2. Irah Aerashi
3. Shyeza