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Monday, October 13, 2008

bout me??

1 - What is your name (First and middle)? maii
2 - How old are you? 15
3 - When is your birthday? 13th january waa
4 - What country do you live in? brunei bh ee
5 - What is your origin? ahh origin?? hahah pusat x hahahah
6 - Do you have any brothers/sisters? awu lerr
7 - Have you got any pets? If so, what? yup2..meowss n rabbitss
8 - What grade/class are you in @ school? fom4 uhh
9 - Name your 5 best friends from your home country, and your 5 best friends from another country 5?? rifah,baz.biah,aji x hahah lg?? ntah ehh
10 - What county do you live in? ehh bukannya udh kh td solan nee talur ehh
11 - Who do you think is the prettiest celeb girl? celeb kh?? susah ehh hahah
12 - Who is the fittest guy?? guy?? err mun kwan ku sii baz plng hahah
13 - What football team do you support?? manchester united !!! glory glory hahah
14 - What's your favourite country? fav kh?? syukur jua ku dh dbunai nee tp mun shopping malaysia hahah
15 - What sports do you play? i play netball.bsketball,baseball.volleyball futsal??
16 - Do you play any musical instruments? If so what? nope,, na ku pndai waa huhuhuhu
17 - What's your favourite subject at school?? eco ma geo hahah xD
18 - Can you dance? dance?? shuffle?? hahah
19 - What's your premier language, and what foreign languages do you speak? uhh?? pakan?? nanti th ku jwb lpas ku liat kamus hahah
20 - Which do you prefer?? I-pod or mobile? mobile xD
21 - England/Brazil? england x
22 - Pasta/Chocolate? chocolate
23 - Are you tall?? no hahaha gilerr..
24 - Are you thin/average/larger? larger WAHAHAHAH average x ee
25 - what's your favourite song of all time? all the time kh?? mcm2 ee tnya urg dskulah uhh haahah
26 - What's your favourite song in the charts at the moment? natauuu byk waa
27 - What's your favourite magazine? magazine??
28 - What's your favourite book? novel waa~ adam dan hawa!!
29 - Where is your favourite place in the world? mall hahahah
30 - Have you ever: been to a zoo?? yess
31 - Eaten sushi? no hahaha na ku pnah suka
32 - gone skydiving? nope2 lamas ku kng dh th na ku pndai swimming
33 - watched cbbc after the age of 10? smpai ane pun ndaa hahahah xp xp
34 - Intelligence: What is the capital of Thailand?? (Don't look it up on the internet!!) thailand kh?? nada ku tau ehh hahahah
35 - What state is LA in?? apa lagi LA hahaha na ku minat kn tauu hahah xp