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Saturday, October 11, 2008

my self xD

What's Yor Nickname?
- maii xD
How old are you?
- 15 xD
Where were you born?
- brunei xD
What's your fav. food?
- err mom's cooking xD
What's you fav. designer?
- ermm wat my eyes like hahah xD
What's your fav. song?
- jiwang n fast song xD
Your ethnicity?
- err??
Your height?
- 148 m i dun remember xD
Do you drink?
- drink?? minum ehh yg halal hahha xD
Do you smoke?
- no wayy! xD
Shower or Bath?
- i prefer dua2 xD
Are you afraid of death?
- ohh yes! xD
Do you like the rain?
- well sumtimes haha xD
What are your goals in life?
- my future uhh xD n the business wit FARA BELLA xD
Who do you have a crush on?
- err?? shahlan hahah xD
Like to shop?
- ohh yes! so much hahah xD
Enjoy sex?
- sial hahah! xD
Think you're attractive?
- nope xD mmg nda puun
What are your fears?
- grr??
Fav. singer?
- singer?? most?? ermm,,natauu hahaha xD
Fav. rapper?
- sean kingston xD
Fav. movie?
- devil beside you xD
Fav. t.v. show?
- err apa ja yg siukk xD
Are you a crybaby?
- duluuu xD
When was the last time you went on a date?
- sma azin.. tym d hua ho tb hahah xD waah miss u man! haha xD