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Thursday, April 30, 2009



this morning,we were given the info..which about 'the talent time'..n on the paper wrote the last register is on 30th April,2009 which is today!! pffft!! nada nada waa~ bru kna gto x ri ne jua last regist~ ato yaa smua bori~ salnya kmi mau ikut x ahh~ apa g~ singing laa~ nada g ada lain hahah (: skali kmi confessed la wif each other..the girls all of us except biah,i knoe ya namau pmalu! hahah den laki2 cpa pndai men gitar tuu~ skali aji ipin ma nan kmi bwaa..but still not sure laa..drg ne mau kh ndaa~ hahaha so we just focusing on what song do we want to present..hmmm~ many songs in our lists...must choose..n till afternoon,,still thinking~ den with the help of azin..he manange to make a minus one song..which is 'i believe i can fly' we confirm wif this song..more simple n safe~ for the audition~ hahahah..hopefully rezeki menyebelahi kmi eseeeh~ ;p && success in audition then we proceed to compete wif other classes grup~ we need this opportunity..this only the chances for form 5 to join,,yg lain kna sekat awh! hahah..bored~~ wish us luck