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Sunday, April 19, 2009


ku MATI...!!! dis is not i hope..i still dun believe this..but it is reality!!! im so stressful n frustrated..!! pfffffttt!!! please help me..parents,teachers,friends...cheer me up..im so damn not in mood..!! im sorry if there is dirty dirty words in my blog..! im so EMO shiit..! this is really unexpected...!!! am i still dreaming????!! NO im NOT ohh please help me!!!!..now..straight to the point.. (: tym skulah td huhuh..our papers kna bge dh..i knoe dis is not expected..!! i tell you! (:

BM 1 - 47%????? yes!!! 47%!!! n mau tau napaa?? i dunnoe the ans!! cgu bge my tatabahasa n bahasa only half of the whole marks,,i mean sparuh gnya dbge nya rsa wa kn nurun kn markah ahh!! i think my story tuu msuk tajuk waaa..huhuhuh!

ENG 1- 32/60.... pass..pass plng english ne dri bm karangan ahh..ntah ehh btalor bnaaa..

ENG 2- 18/50.. fail tiaa..so overall my eng fail..pffftt..damn!!

MATHS 1 - 35/80..fail again~ i noticed many careless huhuh!

IRK 1 - 80%..ONLY???????? wat the.... arggghh!!! now im hoping f0 my irk paper 2...

tears came out tadi..pffftt..i wont mad to my teachers. huhuhuh *i think* i knoe i drop this mid year..i knoe..but dun want tuition..homework msti byk tuu..stay back lagi..blek kul brapa tuu..jln tution kul brapa g tu..homework g..tdur bila?? aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa..~ im not good in timtabling my duty,life n wat so evaaa~

blek rumah msuk blik parents then kuar kn papers yg dh kna bge tu..my father checked..pasal english kna balikn dh english novel apa tuu n bla bla bla.. bm aku triak2 gto my parents tuu yg sal na puas hati arghhh!!..