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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Jeruton Hotel...

at jeruton hotel due to nada karan drumah~ n my parents need enough rest sal bgas mkan ubat~ huhuh! n im not done my homeworksss! huhuh!! so tomorow i dun wanna go to school (: the picts below are oredy in order haha ;pwake up in the morning!! ohh tidaak!! panaas~~ hahah so went to Mall dulu~ having breakfast n jln2ss~ den pusing2 brunei..spaya na blek rumah hahah pnas tuu~waiting mama babah rh klinik~ hmmm~ mereka demam~ so to i otw~~ hehehcheck in!!! huhuhuh to jeruton hotel..my 1st tym~ hahah well ermm not bad..we were in standard room heheh..while my parents tdur apa g~ vaining time~~~otw to lobby kn cek out~ heheh na btah dsna maybe around 4 to 5 hrslobby..sma abg (:restaurant in that hotel tu juaa~ hehehe

yeaah!! mna my abg??? hahah ya tpampan ahh~ ada tuu sblah me~ hahah ;p ya mkan dh~ kacau eee~ ;p